So I ordered all the prospectuses (and I mean ALL of them), I went to the open days and I researched online. I was organised, I had lots of information, I knew what I was doing… then I set up my UCAS account.

  • Have all the information you need to fill out lots of online forms – you’ll need to know what grades you got for GCSE and AS level, as well as the grades for the AS level modules. This is important, you didn’t spend weeks revising and stressing to mess up your chances of going to university with silly admin mistakes.
  • Take your time – UCAS allows you to save whenever you want and come back to things. Do it all in one go or over a period of days, it doesn’t matter as long as it gets done in the end.
  • Speaking of deadlines… know them! If you’re applying to Oxford or Cambridge, or intending to do a dentistry, medical or veterinary course your UCAS deadline is before everyone else! If you don’t know your deadlines get ask a teacher. Remember colleges and sixth forms will most likely have their own internal deadlines, but if you need more time don’t let these pressure you.
  • Ask for help for anything you are unsure about, there are some questions when you initially create an account before the application stage that you might find strange, ask someone for help or there’s always Google.
  • Don’t be afraid to make decisions – you can avoid filling out which universities and courses all you like, (I did), but those deadlines are lurking just around the corner; this is your future, reach out and grab it.