It’s been a long time since I posted last, which means that a lot has happened!

My UCAS application has been sent off, offers received and replies sent. I got all 5 offers – Birmingham University, Surrey University, Kent University, Bournemouth University and Aberystwyth University. I have put Kent Uni for my first choice and Aber as my insurance.

Of course, that means that the hard work has began and is about to – hopefully – pay off.

Exams are just around the corner. That means there is a lot of stress in the air, as well as revision notes littering the floor. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of stress as it can help motivate you to push yourself that bit hard to achieve your very best. However, often revisionexams are not the only source of stress that we have to deal with, this can make exam season even more terrifying and daunting. One thing to remember is that you will get through all of this, exams may seem like the most important thing but there is a world outside of exams and good results.

There are also a number of ways to ensure that stress doesn’t reach unmanageable levels:

  1. Breathing (duh!) – simply filling your lungs with air by breathing in through your nose and then allowing the air to escape by breathing out through your mouth in a slow, steady way can help to calm you down.
  2. Muscle Relaxation – slowly rolling your shoulders, stretching your arms away from the body and frowning then letting go can help to remove the tension that is carried in the body.
  3. Exercise – sometimes just going for a walk, fun or kick about in the park is enough to get your mind off of exams, your body moving and most importation gives you a break from everything you associate with exams.
  4. Do something else – I know that I often feel guilty when I don’t spend every second revising, but that’s silly. Bake a cake, go for coffee with friends or see a film, basically do anything that has nothing to do with exams. It will give you a break and enthuse you to hit the books again.