In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Celebrate Good Times.”

If I get great news on the 13th August (which I really, really, really hope I do) then I’ll be going out clubbing with my closest friends. It sounds like a massive cliche – ‘oh I did well in my exams so I’m going to go and get drunk’. But that’s not why we’re doing it, one of my friends recently had an operation which means she’s unable to do a lot of things for a month or two, plus her 18th birthday is coming up very soon, but she won’t be able to do the classic buying of  the first legal drink. So we’ve planned to make the 13th special by going on our first all girls night out. We’ll probably spend the time before on the beach, eating pizza, getting nostalgic about college, talking about the future and generally having a nice, relaxing time together. It’s one of the few times we’ll be able to have a night out in our hometown together, to make fond memories before we all go off into separate sunsets. We’re all off to uni in September, so this one of the last times we’re all in the same place and can celebrate all together.

Of course, I’d love to hop on a private jet to Vegas, place some bets, drink something fancy and act like there’s no tomorrow, but that’s not very likely.

Although, there are also some other ways to celebrate:

  • Buying a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne ‘just because’
  • Going for a really nice meal (but I’m counting pizza as our nice meal, there are some great restaurants in my town, and who doesn’t like pizza?!) or maybe even cooking one – who says you need sunshine for a BBQ!
  • Doing something really silly – skinny dipping in the sea and staying up until sunrise anyone?

As long as I can celebrate good news with my friends and family I don’t mind what I do, because I always have a good time with them!

Quote from Kesha’s ‘Die Young’