In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In the Summertime.”

So far my summer has gone from total stress to complete relaxation in the space of a singleWP_000730 - Copy (2) month – June saw the end of my exams and the start of my freedom. It’s strange because even though it was June my friends and I kept saying how we couldn’t wait for summer, for us summer didn’t start until exams were done.

The fact that exams are finished should probably be the highlight of my summer, but there have also been a number of trips to the beach, a day at the fair ground, late afternoon drinking sessions, preparing for uni, learning to WP_001373 (1)cook, shopping and mini road trips. These have all made for a great start, and it’s probably going to be the best summer of my life, with plenty of memories still to be made with friends I have known for years and friends that I’ve only grown close to recently, a time filled with new opportunities and amazing adventures.

However, my best summer memory so far is from 2013 when I went to my first music festival. The atmosphere, Scan0006 (2)the sun and the ability of live music to speak to the soul made my Latitude 2013 experience one of the best summers I have ever had! There are plenty of festivals in 2015 if you want to have your own festival fun!