In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Advantage of Foresight.”

If I could a day in the future in exchange for a day of my life… well, it would be nice to know some things without having to wait (I mean, really, why does it take so long to mark exam papers?!) and you could use it to find out the lottery numbers and become super rich, which would be pretty nice. If you could pick what you find out it would be a nice skill to have, unlike this daily prompt, and you could just find out a few things that might help you or others for good. Although, giving up a day of my life just so I don’t have to wait for things, or work for things if I followed the lottery number route, is pretty sad. I hate waiting, but sometimes the build up is so much better, you get excited and nervous, you feel butterflies in your stomach and live each day as it comes. Skipping ahead cheats you of all of that, you’d just know ahead of time and not be able to tell anyone – because you COULDN’T tell anyone, you’d be exploited and probably threatened, it would be this massive secret that you’d have to keep, which would make me want to use it even less.

I’d rather my life was long and full of surprises instead of shortened due to impatience.