Living in a little seaside town means that there are plenty of crazy local things to do ( see Summer To-Do). Sometimes, though, you want to go further afield and do something a little different. For me that means London. A bit of hustle and bustle makes a nice change from seagulls waking you up in the morning.

But London is BIG, so what should you do there?

  1. Catch a show. There are some great things on in London right now, some real ‘must see’s, like The Lion King (classic), Les Miserables (you might need tissues) or The Book of Mormon (for something a little different)
  2. Catch a bus. If you’re new to London or England, or maybe only have a short amount of time in the city, try a bus tour, they can be a great way to see loads without the blisters.
  3. Catch the Queen (that’s my last ‘catch’ I promise. And Her Maj’ probably won’t be there). Visit the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace
  4. Get Freaked. There’s nothing like the London Dungeon to get to know the dark past of this beautiful city.
  5. Life’s a … Park? Going to London to go to a park sounds silly, but St. James’ is my favorite park in London, and Buckingham Palace is there too! There’s nothing like the juxtaposition of a city like London with the calm of a park – I should warn you that the squirrels can get a bit friendly, when I was younger I saw one sitting on a mans head, so just be aware that London wildlife is nuts. Squirrels, nuts, eh? I’m sorry.
  6. Please, sir, I want some more. If you like food, you’ll like London. There really is something for everyone here, you could pop to Dans le Noir? (Clerkenwell) for something completely different, my favorite is Maxwell’s (Convent Garden) for the great decor downstairs and it’s near to some of the best shops, or maybe you’re attempting to collect T-shirts from every Hard Rock Cafe (Old Park Lane) there is. Whatever your taste, there is something for you just around the corner.
  7. Want some Class in your Glass? Why not go for afternoon tea – it’s a must if you’re not a native! The Ritz is the perfect place (and something to brag about when you get back home) with cakes that make you wonder if you’re in heaven, The OXO tower offers an amazing view or The Savoy, Claridge’s and Fortnum & Mason also offer the classic English experience.
  8. Learn Something New. London is FULL of museums, you can hardly move without stumbling upon one. Do a quick online search and you’ll soon find something that interests you. Also, the larger ones don’t charge (they do have donation boxes so give if you can).
  9. It’s oh so quiet. Apart from the fact it’s not. London is a city, which means it’s busy, really busy. But, if you fancy listening to something other than traffic, why not catch your favorite singer/band/orchestra. There are some really great venues around London – you’ll probably need to use the Tube to get around, but ask a staff member for help (don’t ask the people in suits, they’re just trying to get home) and it’s another London Experience to tick off the list.
  10. Relax. Go to the spa, stay the night and just take it all at your own pace. Unless you’re never coming back to London there’s no point trying to see everything, there’s just too much to do in a few days. Make a list of your ‘must see’s and book tickets early.