I’ve had a grand total of 25 days that I’ve had no revision. Ahhh, complete freedom. Except, I’m starting get bored, I don’t understand what people do with all this time there is in a day – yes life is short, but try having lived several months thinking there was not enough time to learn everything you needed to even with a ridiculous, self-imposed timetable then, suddenly, having nothing to do.

So, I’ve finally started on my reading lists – both universities, all of the modules for firstWP_001433 year. I haven’t got anywhere near all of the books I’ll need, even without counting the number of ‘textbooks’ that are suggested (I’m just hoping the library has all of them when I get there so I don’t have to buy them). And Orwell and To Kill a Mockingbird aren’t on the lists, but they’re part of my summer reading (or re-reading for TKAMB, which I’ve read too many times to count). I’m a bit scared, I’m reading books for two courses because I don’t know where I’ll end up and I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to read all of the books for one module (I’m really hoping I won’t have to do Greek plays). Sigh. I’m only posting this because I’m hiding from the books. Yes, hiding. I don’t want to start doing ‘work’ again, even though I’m bored and know I need to. Again, sigh.

If, like me, you’re bored or worried about next year email your future uni or look on their site for reading lists – all subjects will have something for you to read. Get started now, even a page of that physics book a day between now and September will put you ahead, and you’ll feel a little less like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole when you get to university.