In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Mom.”

Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to. ‘

I’ve been offered unconditional love from my parents my whole life, yes we annoy each other, yes we fight, yes there are times we don’t talk or if we do we’re screaming. But that’s all part of family life, you fight with passion because you love each other so much and expect a lot (even if you don’t mean to).

Although, I don’t think love can ever be truly unconditional, I think all love demands love, or at least respect, in return, and if you accept unconditional love I think it comes with the condition of gratitude. As I’m off to university in September I only have a short time left to show that gratitude, and I’ve already started by spending more time with my parents, but I’ve also written a card and have my eyes out for a present to thank them for everything they have done these past 18 years.

So, I’m cheating a little as this is what I’ve written to both of my wonderful parents, and they will get to read it in a few months:

‘To Mum and DadWP_001435

Thank you for all of the support you have given me over the last 18 years. From spelling tests to being able to write an essay detailing the pros and cons of the American electoral system, you’ve always given me the support I needed to do my best. Even when I was in tears – like when I was convinced I would never pass my maths GCSE – you believed in me. Thanks for all of your faith in me and putting up with the tears and stress!

I’m grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences you have given me. My childhood is filled with memories of our big, blue plastic swimming pool and trips to Disneyland, and my teenage years of live music and being given the freedom to explore this small part of the world, and the wider world on family holidays. I’ve been very lucky to do everything I have, and that’s down to the both of you.

Even though I haven’t always said it I love you both so much. I couldn’t ask for more understanding, loving and trusting parents.

…Although, I never did get a pony…

I promise to email/call/text as often as I can. Don’t be surprised when all I do is complain about having to do adult things for myself, like washing up and food shopping.

No getting a rabbit/guinea pig/bird/cat/dog/donkey/horse to replace me!!

Lots and lots of love and gratitude’

I probably should be able to write something filled with beautiful metaphors and sound like Shakespeare came back from the dead to write one last thing, but these are my parents and this isn’t English coursework, my parents know how I talk and what I’m like.  My parents know I can be a pain, but they also need to know that I love them before I go off for what might be the rest of my life. I’d urge anyone going to university, anyone leaving home or anyone with something they need to say to their parents, even if you’re afraid to do so, just say/write it. They’ll never know unless you do.