In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

‘At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?’

Like a lot of things in my life I can’t place exactly then something happened – I don’t know when I stopped believing in Santa, I can’t remember when I started being friends with some people and not with others, and I don’t know when I realised that life ends. When I was around 7 the first of my pets died, and that was when I realised that life doesn’t go on forever, but when I connected that to my own life is a mystery. But perhaps it doesn’t matter when you realise, but what you do after. And there is plenty I still need to do, although, there’s plenty that I’ve done to be proud of.

Things I Still Need to Do:

  1. Learn new skills Like horse riding, playing acoustic guitar and learning new languages.
  2. Travel – I’ve been to some countries, like Italy and Germany, but I’ve never been to America, Asia, South America, Russia, Africa or Australia. There are so many countries out there. When I was younger I always thought how amazing it would be to walk down every street in the whole world, but I realised that it would be impossible, especially as I don’t have all the time in the world.
  3.  Live in Italy – For at least a year I would love to move to Italy, but I’d also love to move to one of the lakes when I’m in my 60s, retire from whatever job I had and write novels from a study overlooking the water, then in the evening go for walks with the future husband, and watch the world go by.
  4. Listen to soul, blues and jazz in New Orleans
  5. Spend New Years in Sydney 
  6. Go bear and whale watching in Canada
  7. Travel around the UK – One day I want to wake up at the crack of dawn, pack a VW camper van and take off for a year, travel around the UK and see the beautiful places that are on my doorstep.
  8. Glastonbury – I’ve been to some festivals but I’ve yet to go to Glastonbury. I plan on going in the next few years, but I also want to go when I’ve got long grey hair and go with my future family (husband, grown up children and grandchildren) and go ‘glamping’ and act like I’m a teenager again.
  9. Learn to drive – At 18 I should probably already have started to learn, but I haven’t really had the time, plus it’s never been too high up on my to-do list, but I’m planning to learn when I’m at uni.
  10. Go in a shark cage – Even after watching Jaws I’m not afraid of sharks and I would love to go in a shark cage and see Great Whites in their natural environment.
  11. See a dolphin in the wild
  12. Get a university degree
  13. Have my own house

And a lot more.

This is the only forever we’re going to have, so make the most of it!