Bodiam Castle 2015
Bodiam Castle

My summer probably started off like every summer ever – big plans. And followed like most summers ever – mainly fun, but also a bit of boredom.

The problem with summer starting straight after your last A2 exam is that you have SO MUCH TIME. Months and months and months of nothing stretched out before you, and it’s made worse by the fact that you’re suddenly no longer timetabling every minute of the day so you can revise as much as possible.

So, when I restarted this blog I talked about summer in this post, this post,  and this post. Among many, many others. And even though I’d had some time between adventures, I’ve been having fun. Plus, for once the weather has been pretty nice so far, making it enjoyable to just sit in the garden and read or listen to music.

Things I’ve Done:

  • Learnt to cook
  • Found some great music (both new and re-fallen in love with)
  • Started on my own kind of forever and my list of things I need to do
  • Made a tiny start on my reading for university
  • Started writing on this blog again after months away – and now I actually have time to blog I’ve realised just how much I love blogging and seeing other people’s blogs

    Harry Potter Studio Tour 2015
  • Finally gone to Bodiam Castle after living really near to it for all my life.
  • Been to Harry Potter Studios Tour (again, next summer, Harry Potter Theme Park America)
  • Abused my sister and her boyfriend’s netflix like the internet isn’t going to be around for much longer – Binge watching Orange is the New Black counts as something that is ‘done’, ok, no judging me please.
  • Gone to the fun fair and acted like a kid
  • Spent far too many days at the beach (and even with spf 50 applied liberally ever hour or so I’ve managed to get a mild tan)
  • Had a lovely picnic in the park with my best girl friends
  • Bought a lot of stuff for university

I’ve also tidied (and then re-tidied) my room, changed which shade of blonde I am, forgotten about results day only to see the counter on my blog, planned a camping trip with 15 other people, and generally spent my time doing anything that I put off when A2 revision season started – which was around the start of the East holidays because I’m just too controlling/organised (see Work, Life and Deadlines). If you have any suggestions on things to do during an English Summer please let me know!

Hope you’re all having a great summer and for those of you, like me, on their way to university in September, enjoy having nothing to do and good luck with results day!