As & A Level Results Day: 13th August

GCSE Results Day: 20th August

Here’s some advice to those of us that are only days away from results day 2015/ knowing the fate of our academic careers and possibly the course of our whole lives.

  1. Have everything you need: UCAS logins, phone numbers for universities, the lot. You might not be planning to fail, but that doesn’t mean you need to fail to plan.
  2. Understand clearing and adjustment. Clearing – when you don’t get into either of your universities or reject them both. Adjustment – when you do better than your first choice so can contact other universities to see if the have places whilst holding onto your place at your 1st choice
  3. Know the whens and wheres. Do you need to go into college to collect your results? Do you know how you’re getting there? Are you going to have to make plans for someone to cover your shift at work? These aren’t things you want to be worrying about 48hours before results day. Make a plan and stick to it, it will make the 13th go as smoothly as possible.
  4. Talk to your teachers. If things don’t go as well as you’d hoped talk to your teachers, they’ll be able to give you the best information about remarks, resits, clearing and adjustment. They’ll also often be willing to call universities for you and help out with any other questions you have.
  5. You’re not alone. So many people have been through this stress, so talk to them, it might be your parents, your friends, older siblings.
  6. Tell the world. I don’t mean interrupt a news presenter, but tell your family and friends pretty soon after finding out the (hopefully) good news!

Yep, this is essentially a repost of Exam Results Day – AKA the journey to hell and back. But if you want links to other sites about results day that post has them, just follow the link.