Little Miss Organised

One of the most stressful things about going to university (apart from exams and deciding where you want to spend the next 3 years of your life) is the packing. Your whole life, all the things that are spread throughout the house, suddenly needs to fit into a small bedroom, a shared or small en-suite bathroom and a shared kitchen. I have a lot of lists of things I need to get, things I can buy there and packing check lists. But, there are a few things that I would have forgotten if I wasn’t so organised, so, here’s my list of things that you might forget to take:

  • Winter clothes – unless you’re able to go home around October and switch your whole wardrobe you need to take some warm jumpers, it’s easy to forget that summer will end but it will, and you don’t want to have to splash out on new winter clothes when there are plenty of good ones back in your wardrobe at home.
  • Towels – bath towels, hand towels, tea towels, you need them all unless you’re planning to turn into a mermaid and permanently be dripping water everywhere.
  • Laundry equipment – Invest in a laundry basket (it’ll help keep your room tidy), a laundry bag (to take all of your clothes to the laundry room) and an airer (this isn’t a must but can be useful). Also, once you’re there see if the need powder or liquid for the washing machines, you could even offer to go halves with a new flatmate.

  • First Aid – At home if I get a cold I can ask my parents to pop out and get me tissues, throat sweets and ice cream. At uni you’ll either have to do this yourself or beg a flatmate to go into town. With freshers flu likely it’s a good idea to take at least the basics with you, plus, everyone will love you if they get ill and didn’t think about these things themselves.
  •  Chargers – Phone chargers, laptop chargers, camera chargers, Ipod charger and any other electrical equipment that you have a charger for needs to come with you to uni! Also, think about customising  these things so you don’t get into arguments with your new household over who the owner is.
  • Mattress topper – This will make that thin university mattress a lot more comfortable.
  • Bedroom Extras – Alarm clock (you never know when your phone battery is going to die), posters and photos (you
    My cushion addiction

    normally get a big notice board at uni and these will make it feel like home), cushions (I have a major cushion addiction), blankets, storage boxes and whatever else you think you might need to make it feel more like home and reduce uni stress.

  • Tupperware – Limited funds means making food in bulk can be essential, so get some that can be put in the freezer, and it’ll mean less cooking!

I made my lists by carrying around a notepad and pen for a few days and writing down every time I used anything -some things, like cleaning equipment, I’ll be waiting until I get to uni so this can be organised as a house (although, I did consider just taking everything because I’m just a tiny bit too organised and a little bit of a control freak). It’s one of the most effective ways to know what you need. You can also find plenty of lists online, including on The Student Room, which has basically made a packing list for you!