In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

‘In exactly 100 words creatively describe one moment when your mouth dropped open, chin hit the ground, and tears rolled down your face (figuratively or not). If you prefer to develop this into a longer post, that’s fine too!’

Results Day 2015. It was the day I had been waiting for. I’d been awake from 3am, and sat in the dark, refreshing my emails on my phone every 2 minutes in case Kent had emailed me to tell me they would be welcoming me into their warm academic embrace. I finally got up at 6am…. and…. I checked my emails on the compute, just to be sure, then tried to log into UCAS even though it said it wasn’t opening until 8*. But… I looked at my Kent Applicant Portal about an hour before they said it would display if I’d gotten in. And it said I was in, it told me how to enrol, and I literally let my mouth hang open. I went all the way to college looking like a happy goldfish to collect my results and I very nearly added real tears to the look. I was so happy, I’d done more than I needed to get into Kent and could have gone through adjustment to get into a better uni if I’d wanted (but I didn’t because I’d finally decided on Kent back in January and didn’t want to have to decide all over again).

I’m not sure how many words that is, but it’s my blog so I’ll allow it.

*I think it was 8am, it might have been 9am.