There’s only one week left until I’m off to university – in fact, this time next week I’ll be in my new, university bed. I’m trying not to think about how many people have slept in that bed.


Ok, freak out over. For now.

The fact is packing your whole life into boxes and bags, and moving to a new city and away from everyone you know, is scary, it’s even worse when you know that in another 3 years you’re going to be walking away from that place and those people too.

On the note of leaving people, I had one of the best and worst days on Friday. I said goodbye to a friend that I’ve had since I joined Battle. We both left at the end of year 11 for different colleges, but we’ve remained friends, and on friday I said goodbye to her. We did it with true Hastings style: a walk through the old town, fresh doughnuts from the hut, got attacked by seagulls who wanted our doughnuts, played an 18-hole game of mini adventure golf, walked along the beach, and drank hooch in Spoons. It was great weather, a wonderful day and the perfect way to say goodbye. But the idea that I might not see her until Christmas is just awful, it’s the same with everyone that I’m leaving behind, and I feel for everyone who is in the same situation as I am, and those who have been in the position where they have had to say goodbye to everyone they know and love.

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