This is my first proper post since starting uni so prepare for a long post and lots of photos!

 14/09-15/09 – London

As a special going away to uni gift my mum took me to London for a night, we stayed in the Strand Palace, which smells amazing – not as strange as it sounds. We saw Les Mis on Monday night. It was amazing to see Les Mis again. The scenery is so beautiful and detailed, the music and actors were fabulous (Jeremy Secomb as Javert was the real stand out for me, his voice is stunning and his acting is so naturalistic. Adam Pearce was also great in his supporting roles, I now realise that I’ve seen him in Sweeney Todd and he was in the Les Mis film. I’m also 99% certain that it was Jessamy Stoddart who I kept being drawn to watch in her various roles).

We also ate cake, drank, went to a lovely Canadian themed pub and shopped.

Also, I’ve started talking to my new flatmates over facebook, which is good, although i’m still nervous to meet them.

Perfect start to my last week at home!

See It’s For You, It’s London Calling for my tips on what to do when in London.

15/09 – New Family Members

Having arrived back home my sister needed to get some things for her room. This involved a trip to the shop next to pets at home. My household is made up of me, my sister, my mum, my dad, my cat, 1 rabbit, 4 guinea pigs and 2 new rabbits. We’e always had a lot of pets, but I think I’ve been replaced by the 2 new little ladies!!

16/09 – 18/09 – Packing

See the photo below to understand my pain.

17/09 – Gilmore Girls and Chill

Before going away I decided to watch some of my favourite Gilmore Girls’ episodes – all Rory Yale ones so I could pass it off as uni prep!

19/09 – Moving Day

I left at 6:40 and got to my new home at 8:00. Needless to say I was exhausted. I met 4 of my housemates who, for now, all seem lovely. But I’m sure that once the washing up starts to turn into a mountain and we’re passive aggressively ignoring the overspilling bins I wont think that! Everyone has been really nice, and we ‘hosted’ the first party of our court. It wasn’t meant to be a party, but we invited the two houses next to us for predrinks and when we got to the on campus club the queue was so long we turned back and ended up having a little party. It was a really good way to spend the first night as we could actually talk to each other… although, the 80% alcohol shots that I had 2 of probably weren;t the best idea. Nor was getting a bit too friendly with one of the guys who lives next door. I thought they were joking when they said Freshers turns you into someone else.

20/09 – The Morning After The Night Before

Never. Drinking. Again.


Next door hosted tonight, it was crazy, about 40 people crammed in the kitchen, several houses had their doors open so we went in most of them. Met loads of people, walked around with one of the guys in my court trying to find the laundry room – not a good idea at midnight when everything is locked. After sitting in someone else’s kitchen eating pizza and shaking because I was so cold I ended up falling asleep on my housemates bed when we watched TV. The party got broken up by campus security around 3am… Big night.

I finally finished my room that day too. See HERE for my cute room!

21/09 – Monday Morning With A Hangover

Really. Never. Drinking. Again.

Had my intro lecture today which I went to with one of the girls I met over the weekend. It was good to finally get into a lecture (even though it was just outlining the course) and feel like uni is starting. Although I will be sad when freshers is over and the hard work starts!

I had a very chill night and stayed home reading my course books and getting my room exactly as I wanted it. Most of my house stayed in and when some people did come back from being out they were sober any way as the queues everywhere. I know it’s a little sad to stay on on the 4rd night of freshers but it was worth it, plus i needed some time to recover from the heavy drinking of the other 2 nights.

22/09 – Tyler Court Tuesday

Me and two of the boys I live with took the rubbish out in the rain and cleaned the kitchen a bit. Because we’re just so grown up these days.

We planned for the relatively easy night, a few drinks and friends. Instead we ended up across campus at the fancy halls – I’m talking double beds, en suites, big big kitchens, sofas. We played ‘never have i ever’ and ‘truth or dare’. Let’s just say we were all very drunk. There was also stripping involved.  One of the girls there was very drunk and attempting to cook pasta, after we all helped her cook the parkwood crew got out of there, leaving her in the hands of her flatmates.

We went back to my house, feeling rather unhappy at our accommodation. For reasons that I’m not going to explain we’re now the Parkwood Pikeys. I don’t even know what to say. All we did was take 2 chairs from outside the sports centre and then leave them in the woods by the path… I know. i feel the shame. We watached the ‘horror’ film annabelle, i didn’t find it very scary, but they I was really tired so maybe that was why. In fact, I was so tired I fell asleep during Shrek. The others woke me up and took me to bed because I was sleeping in a really bad position for my neck.

23/09 – School Disco Dancing

Walked past one of the chairs in the morning. It was broken in two. That was not us.

The theme at the on site club was school disco. Naturally we were all dressed up! It was pretty fun, but I ended up going to town at 11ish with some of the guys next door. i paid way too much for shots, but they were VERY strong. I asked the bar tender for ‘the most alcoholic thing [he could] legally serve me’. He delivered. I had 2 shots as one of the guys didn’t want one. Not my best decision. We ended up leaving and going to Mcdonalds – it’s open 24 hours here! then we finally came home and sat in the kitchen talking about random stuff, I then explained to one of the guys the difference between steady state theory and the big bang theory, he’s doing physics and was impressed that I actually knew about it.

24/09 – Cleaning  The Kitchen Because I’m An Adult

I opened the door of my room to the maintenance man at 12. He woke me up. I was still in my outfit from last night. The shame of this week is going to haunt me forever!

Once again we all decided on a chill night. And it actually was a chill night. After the freshers fair and reheating food ( I was feeling very bad that day, ok?) we stayed in and talked. Then me and one of the boys stayed in the kitchen until 2am, we cleaned it and then sat there bonding over music and a shared love of rocky horror.

25/09 – Pub Life

went to lunch with 2 of the boys from my house after going to the second day of the freshers fair. It was actually really good food and not too expensive.

I had my final intro lecture and met a girl who is staying in the same court as me and doing the exact same course as me! She’s so lovely and she came to predrinks and to Woodys (the campus pub about 2 mins from my house) that night. Woody’s american party was crazy, we were all having a great time, drinking too much and having a laugh. I kissed one of the guys from  a few houses down. Although nothing else happened when we ended up falling alseep at his.


I walked back to mine and there was a trolley outside my house. Standard Parkwood.