In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

We all have strange relationships with punctuation — do you overuse exclamation marks? Do you avoid semicolons like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

Since coming to university I’ve already had a number of assignments that count towards my final grade. Which is pretty cool. But, as an English lit student, I have to write formally. In this blog I write like I talk – basically completely random. In my essays though, I notice that I always overuse commas. All the time. I love a good ‘,however,’ or ‘and, thus,’ it’s like food porn but for us literary types!

Although, I don’t really see anything wrong with overuse or avoidance. I can understand if people use punctuation wrong, but if you’re just using it like I do here to get your voice across, I really really really don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But please don’t tell my seminar leaders that!!