Once again it’s been far too long.

Essays have piled up on top of me and kept me from reaching for the keyboard unless it’s 2am and I’ve woken up sure that I haven’t properly referenced a paper due that day.

Yes, university is essentially how much stress you can deal with until the weekend when you get to go and drink like alcohol is running out.

So the first thing I’ve learnt is that food is life. I can actually cook very well these days and manage to feed myself… as long as I’ve actually remembered to go food shopping!

I’ve also taking to eating out a lot with my friends, it might not be the smartest thing to do considering student loans aren’t all that big, but it’s fun!!

And another big part of life is going out. I swear, I never knew that I was able to drink half a litre of vodka at predrinks. But it happened. It’s a good way to bond during freshers, but I’d advise any future students that you’re not going to make BFFs if you can’t remember the night.

I do love going out though, it’s a great way to relax and it’s so much fun dressing up!!

And random adventures: my housemate stealing me a cone, movie night with the house, waking up and wondering if the uni is on fire because the sun is too bright for a slightly hungover student brain to understand (I know…), exploring beautiful canterbury and so much more…