In response to Safety First

so basically on wednesday between 11:15 and 11:30 i was walking to Jo’s, headphones in, on my phone, and this guy waves at me and like steps into my path, i take my head phones out as he says hi or whatever. he asks me where main campus is and i tell him, he then says that he knows where it is he just wanted to talk to me. i turn around to him and say – pretty damn nastily – ‘thats just creepy’ and storm off. He didn’t follow me to jo’s or anything. safety

I assumed it was just a guy trying his luck.

Then today about 4:15i was around the same bit of campus coming back from jo’s and he walks from behind me and walks next to me and says hi – he says it like we’re friends or something which really freaks me out – i just sort of look at him shocked, didn’t say anything. he says ‘I haven’t really wanted to talk to anyone but i wanted to talk to you because you’re so pretty’, i said ‘ok’ – im still walking whilst this is happening, walking faster and not looking at him – he then says ‘i’m aaron by the way’ and I say ‘great’ – in my usual sarcastic voice. theres a road crossing and as i was about to step into the road he says ‘can i stop you for 2 seconds’ and I just keep walking. He didn’t follow me or anything. but the fact that its happened twice in one week, the fact that its basically in the same place (on campus and literally like 15 seconds from the first place he did it) and the way he said hi the second time like he knew me and introduced himself really freaked me out.

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