So, I’ve made it through my first term at university without too much hassle, although definitely without enough sleep.

Here are just a few of my most memorable moments from uni, for more check out my ‘Student Living’ page.

  • Decorating my room exactly how I wanted (well, minus the furniture, red carpet and one blue wall).
  • The first night of freshers where I impressed everyone with my ability to drink 80% shots and not throw up.
  • The second night of freshers where I met just about everyone on my row of houses.
  • The fifth night of freshers where I got so drunk I was woken up at 12am the next day by the maintenance man. I answered my door still dressed in my school uniform outfit. Tie and all.
  • The last night of freshers at the Freshers Ball because I met loads of people there who have turned into great friends.
  • Basically freshers week as a whole!
  • Feeling grown up because me and my friend went to brunch – adulting to the max
  • Getting a 2:1 in my first ever uni assignment.
  • Getting a 1st in an assignment that I’d thought I’d failed.
  • Spending hours in my kitchen talking to my friends and eating pizza.

For this next term I had a few ideas in mind on how to make it even better than the first:

  • Join lacrosse. No, I have never played. Yes, I do dislike sport. BUT, my friend does it and the socials seem fun. I didn’t end up joining the societies at the start of last term because, despite signing up, I just didn’t have time between the whole studying thing (adjusting in those first few weeks was really hard after such a long summer) and partying and getting to know new people.
  • Go on better nights out. I’m sort of done with drinking too much, so now I want to go on happy, fun, crazy nights out where I actually remember all of the strange things that happened.
  • Get another first, because that’s why I came to university. I don’t want to end these 3 years with only debt and liver failure to show for it (which is what a lot of people I’ve met seem to be going for). I want to graduate with a 2:1, if not a 1st, and then do a masters and possibly a PhD.
  • Boys. I don’t even know where to go with this, but I just need a break from all those boys that you can laugh with but at the end of the day ‘don’t want a girlfriend’. It’s good in a way because I’m not 100% I want a relationship, or could even fit one in with all the studying. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t treat you with respect though, the ability to text first is not a skill that only women have, nor is saying you’re going to be late, giving compliments or just having a normal level of respect for another human being, no matter their desire for a relationship… I’m not having a ‘boy break’ (I did that, it was awful and I ended up back where I was before it once it was over), I just need to be a bit pickier with the guys I trust to be casual with.
  • House hunting. See here.
  • Cook more. I was pretty good at cooking at uni, but in the last few weeks there I just sort of stopped and was eating whatever was around instead of thinking what I put into my body.

Inspired byย Dita Jessicaย – seriously, go check out this blog!!