In response to Morphing

I’m going a little off brief here but I’m sure we can all be mature adults and deal with that.

The idea of giving words a new meaning is not a problem with me, because I think that we should take language into our own hands and make it mean something more that what we have been told it means. We can all be modern day Shakespeares.

So, the word I’d like to sort of change the meaning of is ‘happy’. I suppose it’s more what we perceive to fit into this definition of a state of being, but let me ramble on for a little longer. I’d like ‘happy’ to include ‘content’. We all spend so long chasing happiness instead of looking around us and realising that, sometimes, we do not need to have/own/feel more than we do in that moment because whilst we might not feel that electric burst of feeling I assume people feel when they hold their new born baby for the first time ever, we feel enough, a small spark. I don’t mean let’s get rid of the word ‘content’, but perhaps we could sometimes say we are ‘happy’ when we only have that small spark.

The word I’d like people to stop using incorrectly is ‘gay’. DON’T SHARPEN THE PITCH FORKS YET! Yes, the word ‘gay’ used to mean happy and now means homosexual (which I actually think is a pretty cool evolution, to have the word describing your sexuality to also be connected with happiness). But, throughout my GCSE years my peers would say ‘that’s so gay’. Not as in ‘wow that make’s me so happy’, and not even in a’that’s so homosexual’ way. Just in a ‘that’s so bad/cringe/lame’ way. And it didn’t make sense to me. It’s a word that is claimed to describe a sexuality and using to replace the words bad, cringe, lame, you are – hopefully unknowingly – misusing the word. It might not be my place to say that you can not claim the word in this way and attempt to redefine it, but I feel that it is wrong. Additionally, ‘gay’ meant happy so making it essentially an opposite of it’s traditional meaning is kinda stupid if you ask me.