In response to Ripped Into the Headline

The news that David Bowie had died over the weekend ripped into my soul. He was a legend, a musician that I was not old enough to like when he was performing but in recent years I found his music and let his voice wrap me in its beauty and show me the world with new eyes.

David Bowie was my musical hero and now he is gone.

It’s strange feeling the loss of a man that you never met, a man who’s voice was the only thing you ever really had of him. The world has lost David Bowie, and we, his fans, have lost a part of ourselves that was never really ours, just a gift from this wonderful man.

David Bowie watches me whilst I sleep. No, I’m not crazy, I have his poster on my wall, its opposite the head of my bed so whenever I sleep I know that someone rather wonderful is watching over me. Now he’s dead he is watching over all of us from somewhere else.

But this poster….

This poster that other people find scary, but I find comforting. This poster that I look at and wonder how to be a better version of myself, because this legend reinvented himself but was always true to who David Bowie was. This poster of a man who’s words were always true.

This poster of a lost legend.

Behind closed doors I am sure that David Bowie was different, not a starman,  just a man, just David Jones. A man with a passion that made him money, but undoubtedly made him happy and allowed him to find his soul mate in the goddess like Iman.

I think we all need to be a little bit more like Bowie, because he was both himself and someone that no one knew. He was passionate but private. He was nothing but exactly who he wanted to be and the world is a poorer place without him.