So, it’s been a busy start to second term for me: changing a module, signing up to lacrosse, going to Guildford for the night out, getting back into reading, drinking far too much again. Yup. Second term feels oddly like the start of first!

I’ve started cooking again – finally! I think there was a whole week that I didn’t even venture into the kitchen… it’s bad, I know.

I made these omelette muffins, which was an interesting experiment – 12660459_427749514099382_446535028_nfine the recipe HERE. They’re good but I’d suggest adding some mixed herbs as well, just to give it some extra flavour.

And the other big thing was going to Guildford to party with an old friend and see Surrey uni – one of the uni’s I’d applied to and been accepted to. I’m actually a little sad I didn’t go there now, but then again I do love Kent! It was great seeing him and the club night was amazing – Sigma were there and it was insane!!

Got to keep it short because already the work is piling up!