So… yeah… I’m really tired. I’ve had such a great week but now I want to sleep so much!

I went to this great place called The Chocolate Cafe which does what it says on the lovely, chocolatey tin – amazing anything and everything to do with crepes, milkshakes,cakes,waffles. It’s truly amazing. AND for once I didn’t take pictures of my food which is sad because it was beautiful, but we just didn’t need to (went with some girls from English). It was one of those in the moment times and it was lovely (and delicious). We then went shopping and I bought a dress that I probably don’t need but look good in and can’t wait to wear!

I had a lovely, relaxed birthday. I had meant to go out and party but then decided to go to the screening (its a film club kinda thing) and really enjoyed that! I got some lovely gifts and basically just chilled – which I really needed!!

I wrote a poem that my seminar leader said wasn’t totally terrible and is looking forward to what else I write!! Plus, I tried ‘black out poetry’ with mixed results.

I’ve been doing a lot of work and now I’m shattered. I forgot how demanding university is. Sorry that once again it’s only a short post, I need to eat/shower/laundry/clean/sleep/human for a little bit before I get back to studying!

Next Sunday I’m going to post a longer one, I promise, about a lot of the stuff I’ve read recently, so you can see me go all passionate and geeky!

Hope you’ve all had great weekends and aren’t too tired!!