In response to Quirk of Habit

‘Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love’

I don’t really know what counts as quirky, but there are a few habits that people have drive me insane, and others that could make me fall in love.


  • People who  are always running late – ok, 5minutes every now and then is no big deal and I’m not going to get angry at you. But those people who are constantly 10-20 minutes later than they say they will be despite living closer than you because they ‘just had to do’ this that and the other. No. Please. Just tell me what time you see yourself getting there and I’ll get there then too, instead of me suggesting a time that you agree to with no intention of keeping to. Honestly, it drives me crazy.
  • People who chew the pen you lend them.
  • People who don’t clean up their own mess – this is something that has caused real problems in my uni house because one of my house mates will happily leave a plate for a week or two without even rinsing it. I’ve begun to wonder if it’s meant to be a modern art instillation or something.


  • People who walk around reading – yes, they are probably going to fall over one day, but I love the fact that their book is so good that they refuse to put it down.
  • People who hug someone the first time they meet them – I love being hugged and I love to be introduced to someone and they just hug you like they know you’re going to be friends.
  • People who send you random music to listen to, even if they haven’t spoken to you for a few days – a song says so much sometimes.

My habits:

  • Turning up early to everything because I hate being late – thus making it more annoying when someone else is over 10 minutes late.
  • Being far too organised – colour coding, highlighting, over planning. It’s just my thing.
  • Taking a notebook with me everywhere – you never know when you’re going to want to scrawl down a few lines of prose or poetry.