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April 2016


In response to Solitude

‘the state or situation of being alone’

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The NUS Plot Thickens

In my post Because Everyone Is Shouting About Student Politics I talked about some of the problems and controversies of the NUS in the recent elections and conference.

From The Tab

Now, The Tab has reported that students from 24 universities want to leave the NUS. Read their article HERE


The Mask Of A Teenage Girl

In response to Mask

Perhaps it’s a sign of how insecure my generation is, unable to accept who we are, always searching for something else within ourselves. Perhaps I’ve just swallowed all of the advertising which tells me that I will be happier if I apply several layers of £15 foundation and wing my eyeliner.

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Because Everyone Is Shouting About Student Politics

In response to  Whisper

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Disappointment Avenue

In response to Disappointment

Because no one is ever angry, they’re always ‘just disappointed’.  wp_20151101_14_06_47_pro



Poems, Poems, Everywhere, Do You Dare To Read?

Part of the fantastic Letters to Euturpe event – writing fiction with a music prompt, what could be better?!

See my first response to this event in A Little Bit Of Poetry

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A Little Bit Of Poetry

Part of the Letters to Euturpe event, a little bit late to the lyric prompt for week 4, but hey-ho, just means I get to do another one tomorrow!

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In response to Risk

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