Once again so much has happened, I suppose that’s to be expected during the first year of university, but it’s very strange to realise our little worlds don’t stand still.

So, what’s been happening in my world? Well…

  • Gave up drinking for about a month – yes it improved my health and I did like waking up without a hangover, but then I missed feeling invincible and dancing until the sun comes up (something you can actually do here with  a club closing at 6am!). Of WP_20160408_11_30_44_Procourse, be sensible with your drinking people and seek help if you feel it is out of control.
  • Taken up running, perhaps not an achievement for most people, but I put more effort into getting out of PE than playing any of the sports so for me it’s actually a massive change.
  • Re-started cooking – honestly, the amount of times I realise I haven’t cooked properly in weeks is insane!
  • Submitted loads of essays and a poetry portfolio – I am now free! …. until my exam… but it’s only one so I am basically free
  • Attempted to learn how to draw. This isn’t exactly going well but I enjoy the process, even if the results aren’t great, not that it matters, got to do what makes you happy and all that jazz.WP_20160320_13_18_42_Pro
  • Got a serious make-up addiction
  • Got really into learning new make-up techniques and trying out new styles
  • And with that make-up has come confidence. I’m not exactly self-conscious, but
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    Make-up Magic

    that’s because I’ve grown a thick skin and don’t listen to what people say about my appearance too much. Although, with my acne getting better (and then promptly getting 100% worse than it’s been for years) I decided to accept I am never going to be a victoria’s secret model with an ad campaign with MAC. Accepting who I am and the way I look means I no longer have to block out things people might say about the way I look because I can think ‘yeah, I agree with that, but so what?’ or ‘ahhaa, nope, not even true, stop being a bitch’.

  • Sorted out my house for next year
  • Put my name down for a MA degree as it means I get it for half price if I do it straight after my BA