My university Easter break only started on Monday which is after everyone else back home, so I’m abit of a loose end – which is actually leaving me time to blog (yay!) but means I’m a bit bored (boo!).

So, here is my blog post on what I’ve done so far as well as an update on the state of my existance.

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Hello London

12966591_218191695237213_1550840493_nI hardly ever go to London anymore, a few years ago we would be up most months to do or see something. As I’ve got older these trips have reduced in number and now I’m more likely to be found in the lanes around Brighton than on a red bus in London.

However, I actually went to London again! Me and my lovely mum stayed in a fab hotel, huge bed, sofa in the room, the shower was heaven! And saw one of my favorite bands, Muse, at the O2. It was such a brilliant trip, absolutly need to do it again! There’s still so much I need to do in London!



Taken with Lumia Selfie
Zoo time!

This is a zoo that is pretty small, no lions or tigers here. But I used to go all the time before the age of about 7. There are so many videos of me as a tiny, (naturally) blonde tot wandering about with a bottle in my hand (milk, of course!) and a teddy clutched to my chest. It feels like another person, another life time.

However, the zoo, which is really aimed at young children with the Hello Kitty and Thomas the Tank Engine zones, is great! Me and my friend decided to go because they have sloths so we wanted to actually see one of these cuties, as well as reliving our childhoods!

I’d 100% recommend this to any families down in the South East, it’s wonderful for the kids, big or small!

Disclaimer: not 100% sure how I feel about zoos but the enclosures are nice, the animals are able to go in and out as they please, and some of the animals (like the lemurs) are ‘rejects’ from other zoos. 

Eating. All the time.

Even though I’m a poor student (can’t wait for my next lot of loan!) I’m still managing to eat out. My friend and I tried this great restaurant in Hastings called the Pelican, it’s really good pricing for such tasty food, as well as friendly service. I’d recommend booking though as it does get pretty busy!!

Some poor quality photos from my phone: