In response to Fake

Lyn Hejinian described the self as being ‘fluid’, as there being multiple selves that differ depending on who we are with and where we are in our lives.

In my seminar class we discussed the idea of a complex ‘true’ self made up of parts, but no one ‘whole’ self.

Maybe, we are all fractured parts, attempting to be a whole, filling in the gaps of who we are with who we think we should be. Faking large parts of who we are in order to be what is expected from us. We are polite to elderly relatives because we have been taught to be that way, we respect authority because we should, we defend ourselves because something inside of us tells us to.

But, what if we were all given a stop-clock on life – able to pause every time before we made any decision, said anything at all. We could wait a whole life time before restarting the clock and answering a question. Would we find our true self with all the time in the world?

Perhaps we’re all faking our way through life, being who we should be, who we think we ought to be, pretending we know who we are.