In response to Risk

I was never good at art, in fact, I used to use the weekly hour long art lesson to chill at the back of the room, headphones in, vaguely painting something whilst I thought about what book I wanted to read next (a true English student).

But there was one thing that did grab my attention way back in year 8: Manga. Unfortunately I can’t take the risk of posting a photo of my terrible first attempt, so maybe I should have said fortunately, it really was bad. Not that I can say I’ve gotten any better. Although I’ve only been reacquainting myself with manga and manga-like art in the past week, so I’m being kind to my attempts for now.

I’ve mainly been practising faces and features. Which is hard, as you can tell from the kissing pose I tried, I don’t really have the eye, hand or patience for drawing, but I’m trying.

This is the drawing which I’m most proud of (I use THIS youtube channel for how-to drawing videos, so it’s not my design, although I did mess up the tail so made her into a fox, not a cat).


It’s not a ‘risk’, I suppose, for most people to draw. But I have always put a lot of pressure on myself to do well at whatever I do. And I don’t mean ‘to the best of my abilities’, I mean well, good, great. And those things I can’t do to the standards I set myself I get annoyed with, get upset with and end up walking away from, embarrassed by my lack of skill. So, I’m risking hating something that I do actually find very interesting and want to improve at.

I suppose, like most things in life, it’s just trial and error. Thank god for erasers.