Part of the fantastic Letters to Euturpe event – writing fiction with a music prompt, what could be better?!

See my first response to this event in A Little Bit Of Poetry

I feel you behind me,

Hear your voice in every sound,

You hand me memories

I have long since buried.

Your whispers are sweet

About how I am nothing,

Your claws are a cage

Around my heart,

A silent threat.

I try to lose you

In the shadows,

But that is where you grow

Fed by darkness I cannot fight.

I fall like Alice.

You stand to attention,

My personal army of

Demons ready to destroy me

With familiar smiles.

I’m not sure about this poem, the prompt ‘Louder than sirens, louder than bells’, and the song itself, has a powerful sound that I wanted to capture, so I echoed the song in the poem, the idea of running and fear and internal struggles. I’m probably getting a little too excited about the songs and should perhaps think on the prompt a little longer before listening so it doesn’t influence my poetry as much, but this is the type of music I love so it’s hard!