In response to Sacrifice

Ok, I hadn’t really planned on posting this so soon, but it fits the prompt and…

… I’ve just had an awesome work out!

It’s not that I’m overweight, I’m a UK size 10 with a BMI of 23, still comfortably within the NHS ‘healthy’ range. But I’ve noticed that since coming to university I’ve put on weight, only a few pounds according to the scales back home, but I’ve noticed my stomach has grown and my butt has shrunk – I don’t even know how that works. I’m that slim-fat that comes from not working out.

The ‘I don’t want to’ face

So, at Christmas I started working out. And promptly failed upon returning to university. However, the past two weeks I’ve walked to town every day (about 2 miles) and done my exercise DVD. A different one to the failed Xmas attempt (Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred), and this time I’ve been really enjoying it. The first 3-4 days I literally dreaded doing it, day 2 I only made it half way before quitting, and day 3 I admit I put hardly any effort in. Now, though, I genuinely love getting to the end of the work out. Today I did level 1 and part of level 2, I’m also planning on doing level 1 (probably only half of it but we’ll see) and maybe some of the yoga meltdown one (it’s on youtube, but shh!).  And this isn’t even a one off, yesterday I did level 1 and did the first circuit of level 2 and about 6 minutes of the yoga one. And I’m running every few days with one of my friends – he’s a complete gym nut, but knows when I need encouragement and when I need a break. Tomorrow will be hell, I know that I won’t be doing anything more than walking to the library because of the pain, but I’m sort of excited: no pain, no gain!

I’m also eating better (goodbye chocolate, hello rice cakes and fruit), drinking almost nothing but water (green tea is healthy I think, but don’t quote me on that!).

I have scales at uni but they are completely wrong and despite going through the manual I don’t know how to correct it, so I’m going by how I think my body looks (probably exactly the same as it’s only been two weeks) and my measurements:

I feel stronger when doing my workouts and have a lot more energy just to do things in general.

I’m still a sweaty mess after the workouts and hate walking through town with no make-up (ok, just eye make-up) on. But then I remember how good it feels to get to the end of a workout. All that sweaty grossness and pain is worth it.