At no other time do I believe is a friend needed quite as much at 4am as one is needed when you are a student. This is when you are stumbling home, not entirely sure if you are still in possession of your key, or decide on an impromptu trip to the 24hr McDonald’s, or want to watch a film, or want to sit watching the sky grow light without speaking.

My whole life I’ve had pretty much the same friends, so going to university where I didn’t know anyone was tough. At first I doubted I’d fine anyone that I actually liked beyond the pure desire to have someone to hang out with. And then I did. I met my best friend and soon to be housemate in a seminar, and we haven’t stopped driving each other crazy since. And then I made more friends, just through talking and awkwardly asking if people wanted to grab drinks after class – I didn’t want to be THAT person, turns out sometimes you have to be or you’re all going to sit there awkwardly unsure of each others names for a whole year.

It’s pretty crazy, you go from not having a clue about the campus and who your friends are, to having a proper routine and having to simply ask if anyones free to transform your night into an adventure.

You may even sit on some grass, like the brochures show ….WP_20160524_17_56_16_Pro

There will be crazy nights, someone will probably cry in the toilets, and you’ll not even realise how these people became your friends, but not wish it any other way.

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