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Cloud 9

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Take Me Home

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Because Everyone Is Shouting About Student Politics

In response to  Whisper

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Hey Jolene, meet my friend Karma

In response to Green


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The Canterbury Tales

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Diary Of An English Student – Part 2

I swear the part about the books is on its way… but for now enjoy a little diary of my week:

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Diary Of An English Student – Part 1

I’ve finally found an hour to actually work on this blog and think about what I want to write – its rather intoxicating having time to do whatever I want!

Instead of focusing 100% on books I’m going to talk about my degree in this post and in part 2 (next sunday) I’ll talk about the books I’ve been reading because some of you might be looking into doing English degrees, have done English degrees or are just curious (and if you not then I’m sorry, please feel free to have a cookie and a nap).

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Adulting Isn’t My Thing

So, it’s been a busy start to second term for me: changing a module, signing up to lacrosse, going to Guildford for the night out, getting back into reading, drinking far too much again. Yup. Second term feels oddly like the start of first!

I’ve started cooking again – finally! I think there was a whole week that I didn’t even venture into the kitchen… it’s bad, I know.

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Student Struggles

In response to Sink or Swim

Naturally this post is about university. But it’s not about ‘that crazy night during freshers….’ or ‘that essay that is NEVER getting done’.

It’s about waking up at 4am and wondering where you are because the bed is too small.

It’s about forgetting which path takes you to your house in the student village.

It’s about wondering if any of the people you meet will become your friends or if they’re just going to be people you smile at across the seminar room.

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