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Cloud 9

In response to Clouds

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Companion. Accomplice. Therapist.

At no other time do I believe is a friend needed quite as much at 4am as one is needed when you are a student. This is when you are stumbling home, not entirely sure if you are still in possession of your key, or decide on an impromptu trip to the 24hr McDonald’s, or want to watch a film, or want to sit watching the sky grow light without speaking.

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In response to Aimless (the explanation) and Letters to Euturpe (the poem) – yes, I’m being lazy and putting them into one post but you’ll see why.

‘Out in the shiny night, the rain
was softly falling
The tracks that ran down the boulevard had
all been washed away’

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Take Me Home

In response to Blank

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The Friday Night Girls

‘Night time sharpens
heightens each sensation.

Darkness stirs and wakes


We were the cliche;

Young, dumb and full of rum,

We were wild and free,

Eighteen forever.


We were not ourselves,

With our glittery eyelids

And sharp drinks.


We were whoever we wanted,

But who we could never really be.


Still, we danced and we laughed

And we felt more alive

Than any other time.


We imagined the night

Would never end,

That our endless youth

Would save us.


We believed in the power

Of a rhythm and a beat

In a darkness that made

These versions of us


Letters to Euturpe 10

Mystery Boys And Their Toys

‘It was an early morning yesterday, I was up before the dawn’

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Chaos In Her Soul

In response to Chaos

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A Stronger Tomorrow

In response to Sacrifice

Ok, I hadn’t really planned on posting this so soon, but it fits the prompt and…

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In response to Earth

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